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Celebrating Our Urban Champions In 2024

Celebrating our Urban champions in 2024

National Eucalypt Day highlighted our urban champions is 2024 for their cooling effect and their contribution to biodiversity.  Radio and media across the country was abuzz with the benefits of planting both eucalypts and natives in our gardens, nature strips and parklands.

The incredible Corymbia ficifolia, the Red-Flowering Gum , took out the seventh Eucalypt of the Year and was the first time a Corymbia took out the prize.

Prof. Brad Potts was recognised for his extensive career work in eucalypt genetics, receiving the 2024 Dahl Medal.

Events were once again in full swing at botanic gardens, arboretums, nurseries, in forests and in workshops across the country.  Increasingly we can see evidence that National Eucalypt Day is taking on a life of its own as evidenced by media and events taking place that Eucalypt Australia has not directly organised.

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