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MUMA Runs Tree Story Exhibition

MUMA runs tree story exhibition

A brief respite from Covid-19 lockdowns saw events run again for the eighth Eucalypt of the Year in 2021, with the crowning event leveraging the magnificent Tree Story Exhibition at Monash’s Museum of Modern Art (MUMA).  Dr Brian Martin spoke to the cultural connections of the eucalypts and Dr Dorothy Steane was awarded the 2021 Bjarne K Dahl Medal.

Several micro-grants are awarded to help some grassroots events run.  These included botanical dying and art workshops.

Radio coverage spiked significantly in 2021 with the support of the ABC across the country, and social media engagement continued to blossom, especially across Twitter and Instagram.

The Sexy Gum, the Gimlet or Eucalyptus salubris took out the fourth Eucalypt of the Year.


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