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Congratulations to the 2022 Dahl Fellows

Congratulations to the 2022 Dahl Fellows

The Board of Eucalypt Australia is delighted to announce the 2022 Dahl Fellowships.

Dr Jodi Frawley’s fellowship “Maiden’s Eucalypts” will be a podcast which takes listeners on an aural journey as she retraces eucalypt expert Joseph Maiden’s 1895 voyage through the North-Central Coast Forests of NSW.  The podcast will focus on four species of eucalypts that Maiden encountered showcasing both the disturbances and opportunities that Maiden saw as he travelled and will explore the value of conserving eucalypts.

Samorn Sanixay’s fellowship “Eucalypt Dye Catalogue” will display the unique role that eucalypts play in producing colours through natural dye techniques and how different climatic conditions impact on the colours produced.  The project will draw on two rich cultural traditions in relation to natural dye techniques:  indigenous Australian and Sanixay’s Laos cultural heritage.

Dr David Wong’s fellowship “Woodlands, Forest, Life” is a multimedia project encompassing video, photo journalism, and community photography projects that aims to showcase eucalypt ecosystems, their conservation and the people who work with them and have special connection to them.  The project will invite people to take a closer look at eucalypt ecosystems and experience these places themselves.

The Board acknowledges and appreciates all applicants for the 2022 Dahl Fellowships.  The quality and diversity of applications was impressive.

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