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Congratulations to the 2023 Dahl Fellows

Congratulations to the 2023 Dahl Fellows

The Board of Eucalypt Australia is delighted to announce the 2023 Dahl Fellowships.

Dr Elizabeth Edmond’s fellowship “A Tale of Two Trees – the Red Flowering Gum and the Red Tingle” brings together art, science and conservation.  It will explore the environmental narrative of two iconic Australian eucalypts through an art and science solo exhibition to raise the profile of the conservation issues surrounding them.  Naturally occurring only in the Walpole Wilderness area and adjacent reserves, they, and the ecosystems they support, are under threat from climate change and altered fire regimes.  Elizabeth will blend her scientific background in paleoecology with her artistic skill to tell the story of these trees and the threats they face.

Alyssa Martino’s fellowship “Eucalyptus Protectors” is a citizen science project to identify myrtle rust on eucalypts and other Myrtaceae in Australia.  Alyssa aims to educate the public on the threat myrtle rust poses, what species it infects, where it is found, how it spreads,  identifying the symptoms and the steps people can take to minimise the pathogen’s spread.

Brett Mifsud’s fellowship “The Giant Eucalypts of Tasmania” is a comprehensive survey of the world’s largest angiosperms.  Brett will visit and explore Tasmania’s tall eucalypts documenting, measuring and updating old historical records to promote their heritage value, tourism potential and overall wonder; advocating for further conservation measures to ensure their survival.

The Board acknowledges and appreciates all applicants for the 2023 Dahl Fellowships.  The quality and diversity of applications were varied, interesting and impressive.


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