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Eucalypt Australia is a grant-making Charitable Trust that focuses on eucalypts, an Australian icon and a significant aspect of Australia’s natural environment and biodiversity. We envisage a public inspired by and appreciative of eucalypts.

Eucalypt of the Year 2022 – Eucalyptus regnans – Mountain Ash

Australia has decided!  The majestic and incredible Eucalyptus regnans is our Eucalypt of the Year for 2022. A trip to the Dandenongs or the Black Spur in Victoria unveils their cool calming magic whilst a trip to the Huon Valley and surrounds in Tasmania will leave you in almost uncomprehending awe of their sheer size and age.

Hot on its heels was the superb Corymbia ficifolia, the Red Flowering Gum.  Emanating from a small pocket of south west Western Australia it has spread its joy to humans and polinators alike across the country.

And in third place was the the gorgeous Angophora Costata, the Sydney Red Gum with its twisting branches and glorious absorption and reflection of light.

National Eucalypt Day 23 March 2022

Find out more here about how and why we celebrate.

Vote for your favourite Eucalypt in the Eucalypt of the Year voting and enter the 50 words or less competition for some fantastic eucalypt goodies.

Enter the “Eucalypt Landscapes” themed Instagram photography competition

Click here to see the calendar of events.

The Board of Eucalypt Australia is delighted to announce the 2022 Dahl Fellowships.

Dr Jodi Frawley – “Maiden’s Eucalypts”

Samorn Sanixay – “Eucalypt Dye Catalogue”

Dr David Wong – “Woodlands, Forest, Life”

The Board acknowledges and appreciates all applicants for the 2022 Dahl Fellowships.  Read more about the successful projects here.

Underneath the Gum Trees

As part of its strategic educational vision, Eucalypt Australia funded the Among the Gum Trees unit developed by Primary Connections.  Primary Connections is an innovative program developed by the Australian Academy of Science with the objective of linking the teaching of science with the teaching of literacy in primary schools.

This video Underneath the Gum Trees supplements the Among the Gum Trees unit and addresses science understanding through the context of the interdependent relationship of eucalypt trees and animals.

More information on Among the Gum Trees and Primary Connections can be found here.

National Eucalypt Day 2021

Eucalypt Australia celebrated National Eucalypt Day at the Monash Museum of Art in Caulfield, Melbourne as part of our sponsorship of the Tree School Installation in the Tree Story Exhibition.

The event featured a speech by 2020 Dahl Medallist Dr Brian Martin and the awarding by Eucalypt Australia Chair Ken King of the 2021 Dahl Medal to Dr Dorothy Steane.

Catering was by Indigenous social enterprise Charcoal Lane and this video was compiled by Alex Ferguson from our partner and friends Remember the Wild.

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Covid-19 Update: Eucalypt Australia acknowledges the serious health concerns of the Coronavirus.  Eucalypt Australia has instituted a series of operational protocols for the coming weeks and months to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff, Board Members and the organisations and individuals with which we work. These protocols will remain in place until further notice.

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