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Eucalypt Australia is a grant-making Charitable Trust that focuses on eucalypts, an Australian icon and a significant aspect of Australia’s natural environment and biodiversity. We envisage a public inspired by and appreciative of eucalypts.

Voting for the 2023 Eucalypt of the Year is Open!

Help us find Australia’s favourite gum tree!

National Eucalypt Day is Australia’s biggest annual eucalypt-fest held every year to celebrate and promote Australia’s eucalypts and what they mean in our lives and hearts.  As part of this celebration, we set out an annual challenge decided by popular vote: which species will be THE Eucalypt of the Year?

There are over 850 eucalypt species across the continent – EucalyptusesCorymbias and Angophoras – from the scented peppermints of eastern Australia, to the haunting Ghost Gums of the outback, to the surrealistic cuboid buds of the Square-fruited Mallee. Which one do you think deserves the crown?

Vote from a list of 25 featured eucalypts or you are welcome to nominate another species!

Voting will close on the 19th of March, and the Eucalypt of the Year will be announced on National Eucalypt Day, Thursday 23rd March.

Please note: The genera (groups) EucalyptusCorymbia and Angophora are all eligible. Only species which grow naturally in Australia will be considered. Previous winners include the River Red Gum, Snow Gum, Illyarrie, Gimlet and Mountain Ash – all of which will be ineligible for re-entry this year.

National Eucalypt Day Events

2023 National Eucalypt Day events will be happening all through March.

Interested in running a eucalypt inspired event for National Eucalypt Day?  We’d love to hear from you before March 9th.  More information is here.

Go here to find events near you.



National Eucalypt Day Promotion Pack 2023

Are you running a National Eucalypt Day event or would like to spread some National Eucalypt Day love?  Click here for a bounty of resources to help you have a great event.  Please note the logos may only be used with permission (email [email protected]).

Click here.



Underneath the Gum Trees

As part of its strategic educational vision, Eucalypt Australia funded the Among the Gum Trees unit developed by Primary Connections.  Primary Connections is an innovative program developed by the Australian Academy of Science with the objective of linking the teaching of science with the teaching of literacy in primary schools.

This video Underneath the Gum Trees supplements the Among the Gum Trees unit and addresses science understanding through the context of the interdependent relationship of eucalypt trees and animals.

More information on Among the Gum Trees and Primary Connections can be found here.

Dahl Medalist 2022 – Malcolm French OAM

Eucalypt Australia celebrated National Eucalypt Day 2022 at Kings Park in Perth with an event which featured a speech by 2022 Dahl Medalist Malcolm French OAM, introduced by the 2017 Dahl medalist Dr Suzanne Prober.

Malcolm is an agriculturalist, publisher, associate researcher, and honorary curator of eucalypts at the WA Herbarium.  Read more about Malcolm and other Dahl medalists here.

We thank our friends at Kings Park for their efforts in delivering this event and all of the Botanic Gardens, Arboretums, and workshop holders who provided interesting, informative, and engaging events all across the country for National Eucalypt Day 2022.

For the latest news from Eucalypt Australia and information about eucalypts, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Covid-19 Update: Eucalypt Australia acknowledges the serious health concerns of the Coronavirus.  Eucalypt Australia has instituted a series of operational protocols for the coming months to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff, Board Members and the organisations and individuals with which we work. These protocols will remain in place until further notice.

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