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National Eucalypt Day 2024 Promotion Pack – Celebrating Our Urban Champions

Please download and use the attached media resources to promote National Eucalypt Day (NED) 2024.

For events, resources may only be used for public events that Eucalypt Australia has approved.  This will usually involve ensuring the event is in line with the values and objectives of Eucalypt Australia and that there is appropriate public indemnity insurance in place.  Please send queries to or use the NED expression of interest (EOI) form found here.

Simply click on the button and hit save on the image that comes up to download to your computer.  And feel free to use and duplicate any of the text.

Key Dates 2024: 

Sunday, 11 February

National Eucalypt Day Event Micro Grant applications close 5pm

Wednesday, 14 February

#LoveAGum campaign and competition launches

Friday, 16 February

Successful event Micro Grants advised

Wednesday, 21 February

Eucalypt of the Year voting opens

Monday , 11 March

National Eucalypt Day events – last day to submit, 5pm

Wednesday, 20 March

Eucalypt of the Year voting closes

Saturday, 23 March

National Eucalypt Day. Eucalypt of the Year winner is announced.

Monday, 25 March

#LoveAGum winners announced

Weekend 16 & 17 March

Great weekend for hosting National Eucalypt Day events

Weekend 23 & 24 March

Great weekend for hosting National Eucalypt Day events


Hashtags:           #NationalEucalyptDay         #EucalyptoftheYear     #LoveAGum    #NED10


Eucalypt Australia is a charitable trust that awards grants to support the conservation, education, and research of eucalypts.  We envisage a public inspired by and appreciative of eucalypts.

National Eucalypt Day, held annually on 23 March and now in its 11th year, aims to raise awareness of eucalypts and celebrate the important place they hold in the hearts and lives of Australians.

Each year in February and March, with the help of Remember The Wild, we start a conversation about Australia’s treasured eucalypts.  Gardens, museums, friends groups, councils and businesses across the country hold events to celebrate their local eucalypts.

We run an annual Eucalypt of the Year public vote to get everybody talking about eucalypts across Australia.  2024 will be the 7th Eucalypt of the Year.

NED 2024 Social Media Resources

NED 2024 Social Media Resources

Tiles for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

See buttons below.

Images:  Catherine Cavallo

Media Kit for Partners - Text for use in Promotional Materials

Use the button below to download the media kit for partners document which provides text for social media, web pages, events and newsletters.  Please feel free to copy and paste this text.

Eucalypt Australia Logos

Eucalypt Australia Logos

Logos may only be used with permission.  Please email to confirm.

NED Posters - Euc of the Year - 2024 posters

NED Posters - Euc of the Year - 2024 posters

These posters are for:

NED Eucalypt of the Year – colour and B&W

Nursery Resources promoting Eucalypts on properties – colour and black and white.

Click on the button below and then double click on each file in the google drive to review and then download as appropriate.

Images:  Catherine Cavallo


NED 2024 Email Banner

NED 2024 Email Banner

Images:  Catherine Cavallo


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