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National Eucalypt Day History

National Eucalypt Day History

National Eucalypt Day Announced

BKDT Board agrees to hold the inaugural National Eucalypt Day on 23 March 2014. The 23rd of March 1898 was the birthdate of the Trust’s benefactor, Bjarne K Dahl.

National Eucalypt Day Launched

National Eucalypt Day is launched with the opening of the Bjarne K Dahl Boardwalk at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort. Prof Pauline Ladiges spoke to the uniqueness of eucalypts, and Sue Perry spoke to the impacts of the 2009 bushfires and..Read More

Inaugural Bjarne K Dahl Medal

Cranbourne Botanic Gardens hosts the second National Eucalypt Day with presentations by Prof David Cantrill (Chief Botanist for Victoria) and Dr. Dean Nicolle of the Currency Creek Arboretum. Dr. Dean Nicolle is presented with the inaugural Bjarne K Dahl Medal..Read More

Conserving Eucalypts Symposium

The third National Eucalypt Day is celebrated across a number of events and includes multiple celebrations of the efforts and projects of past grantees. The Conserving Eucalypts Symposium is held in partnership with the Royal Society of Victoria and includes..Read More

National Eucalypt Day Expands

The fourth National Eucalypt Day event included a dramatic increase in the extent of participating groups, States and public reached. Events ranged from walk and talks at Botanic gardens, a eucalypt identification bus tour, Currency Creek Arboretum open days, Botanic..Read More

River Red Gum wins the first Eucalypt of the Year

The fifth National Eucalypt Day built on the variety of events across the country that was experienced in 2017 with an emphasis placed on engaging with the community through social media and short videos released through TERN, CSIRO and the..Read More

Research Conference at UTas

The sixth National Eucalypt Day saw events continuing to grow across the country with Botanic Gardens, conservation groups and native nurseries participating. Particular highlights included the research conference: “Eucalypt genetics: fundamental and applied research in a post-genome era” held at..Read More

National Eucalypt Day a good news story as Covid 19 hits

The seventh National Eucalypt Day coincided with the start of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Whilst events were cancelled across the country, people sought nature connection from their homes through massively increased social media participation. The stunning Illyarie the Eucalyptus ethrocorys..Read More

MUMA runs tree story exhibition

A brief respite from Covid-19 lockdowns saw events run again for the eighth Eucalypt of the Year in 2021, with the crowning event leveraging the magnificent Tree Story Exhibition at Monash’s Museum of Modern Art (MUMA).  Dr Brian Martin spoke..Read More

Australian Government recognises National Eucalypt Day

The ninth National Eucalypt Day was again celebrated across the country with a broad range of events despite the post-Covid hesitancy. The Open Days at the Currency Creek Arboretum run by Dean Nicolle in SA continue to grow in their..Read More

National Eucalypt Day turns 10!

National Eucalypt Day was celebrated for the 10th year in 2023. The day was celebrated with Brian Martin opening his “Significance of Thulu” exhibition as a result of his 2021 Fellowship at William Mora Galleries in Richmond. Dr Donald Franklin..Read More
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