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Steve Pearce 12 Months Of Eucalypts Video Series - Fellowship 2020

Steve Pearce 12 months of Eucalypts Video Series - Fellowship 2020

In amongst the crazy Covid year that was 2020, Steve Pearce completed his 2020 Dahl Fellowship producing 12 monthly Eucalypt videos.  Entertaining, educational and just a bit whacky, you can watch them all here.

Eucalypts For The Home Garden

Eucalypts for the home garden

Watch our series of videos on how to select, grow and maintain suitable eucalypts in the home garden.

Conserving Eucalypts Symposium

Conserving Eucalypts symposium

Access content from our Conserving Eucalypts symposium and view short presentation summary videos.

Unfortunately, the links have become private for the videos and we are working to recover this valuable information.


Underneath the Gum Trees

As part of its strategic educational vision, Eucalypt Australia funded the Among the Gum Trees unit developed by Primary Connections.  Primary Connections is an innovative program developed by the Australian Academy of Science with the objective of linking the teaching of science with the teaching of literacy in primary schools.

This video Underneath the Gum Trees supplements the Among the Gum Trees unit and addresses science understanding through the context of the interdependent relationship of eucalypt trees and animals.

More information on Among the Gum Trees and Primary Connections can be found here.

Eucalypt Resources

Eucalypt resources

Browse through this series of links for more information on Eucalypt research, identification and classification, history and conservation.

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