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Dean Nicolle: Load Photo Collection to iNaturalist, Complete with Observations.

The iNaturalist project involves uploading all of Dean’s high-quality photographs and their accompanying specimen/record notes of eucalypts onto the online biodiversity-sharing platform iNaturalist.

This will result in over 4,000 of Dean’s vouchered observations of eucalypts being available as open data on iNaturalist.

A Eucalypt Australia grant of $25,000, in addition to Dean’s in-kind support, will allow Dean to complete this project in a timespan of between 12 and 18 months.

The project will have immediate and long-lasting benefits in providing valuable open data (especially high-quality vouchered photos of almost every eucalypt species) to researchers, land managers and other organisations, citizen scientists, and the general public.  These images become freely available with attribution.

To follow Dean’s progress please view his iNaturalist account here:

and his observations here:


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