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Adaptation and diversity of eucalypts in the Greater Blue Mountains: conservation of the ‘green
Evolution & Ecology Research Centre
University of New South Wales

The green ashes are a group of closely related species found in SE Australia, with some species found in tall, mountain forests on fertile soils and others occurring as mallees on shallow soils on sandstone. Of the
18 green ash species, 14 are rare or localized with E. burgessiana and E. cunninghamii being known from less than 10 populations each. This project investigated the evolution and diversity of the green ashes using the
genomic technique DArTseq. The datasets generated have helped identify taxa and populations that may be genetically isolated and those where gene flow probably occurs. The project has also enabled the identification of populations that should be investigated as potential new species in the future.


mapped significant ‘water
trees’ in the traditional lands of the Ngadju people. The resultant map is to be used to develop a strategy to protect the trees in the face of increased development of roads, pipelines, seismic lines, drilling programs and power lines. The digital database created will be used to inform ongoing Heritage Assessment work in the area. It will also be used as a planning tool for fire ecology work, aimed at reducing the fire risk to the trees.

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