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Nardoo Hills Reserves Eucalypt Management
Bush Heritage

This grant was awarded to Bush Heritage to manage threats to the Eucalyptus dominated grassy woodlands of the
Nardoo Hills in Victoria. The main activity was creation of a mineral earth fire break
on the far western boundary of the reserves. Fires present a considerable threat to the large trees and fallen timber
assets on the reserve and the fire break will create a 20 metre barrier against potential bushfires coming from westerly or northerly directions. Eight working bees tackled weedy threats to the woodlands, selectively removing wheel cactus, Paterson’s curse, horehound and African boxthorn. Bush Heritage ecologists set up a series of monitoring sites at yellow and grey box communities to track tree health and condition with the view to develop intervention strategies. Analysis of data collected will give a clear picture of the overall health of vegetation types and the bird populations
they support. Early indicators from the project suggest health of box eucalypt species is of concern.

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